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Aden Earthworks display at Canada Blooms - ‘Recurrance’

As always, Aden Earthworks is looking to the future. The Aden Earthworks crew has built extraordinary vertical hydroponic fountain tubes. A showcase of possibilities.  Book your ticket now March 15-20, 2011 at the Direct Energy Centre.

Theme: 'Recurrence' by Aden Earthworker, Deborah Vivas Marfisi.
The rhythm of history: ideas lost and recovered, invented and re-invented, destroyed and rebuilt. The columnar towers of hydroponics resting in a pond bed are inspired by the recent resurgence of hydroponic agriculture and the Hanging Gardens of Babylon. Surrounded by both historic native and modern common plant material, we present the contrast and complement of “new” sustainable practices.

The highlight of our display is the hydroponic columns described above accompanied by the hydroponics learning centre, which was leant to us by Second Nature to teach our visitors about the importance and impact of hydroponic gardening and farming.

The hydroponics columns were custom built in-house and installed with clay lava beds as the medium. Each side of the display is controlled by a pump with valves independently controlling flow to each column. The remainder of the display is of very simple construction, performed on site, similar in execution to an outdoor. 

Imagine the whimsy these inspiring structures can bring to your property.

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Image Credits:

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*4. Food Production for Mars explorations. Photo courtesy NASA (CC)

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